I’m Cash, The Sawyer Dog. I really am a French Poodle, but I am embarrassed when they cut my curls like a “Foo-Foo” dog. I hide under my bed and put my paws over my eyes for days.

Instead, I love to run in the woods, ride in the log truck, bark at deer and rabbits, and leap straight up in the air for no reason.

My dad is Hobart, and he takes me to work with him every single day. He would not know what to do without me. I protect him from squirrels. He vents to me about everybody else in the world. I eat his sandwiches. Sometime I answer his phone. I was named after Johnny Cash – The Man in Black. I am very proud of that. But when I was a pup, I was kind of a nut, so lots of folks call me “Cash-ew”, get it?