White Cedar Shingles & Lumber manufactures and supplies high-quality cedar products to customers worldwide from FSC certified sustainable harvest forests in Northern Minnesota.

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White Cedar Shingles


At White Cedar Shingles, we sell shingles by the square. A square = 4 bundles of shingles (A square covers a 10′ x 10′ [100 square feet] area.)

From FSC certified sustainable harvest forests in Northern Minnesota.


The environmental benefits and labor savings realized by using WCSL Eastern white cedar lumber more than offset the price differential with lesser wood species.

As the largest manufacturer of Eastern white cedar products, White Cedar Shingles & Lumber can provide you the retailer, builder, or homeowner with Eastern white cedar products at absolutely the best price and one of the best quality available anywhere. Located in northern Minnesota, we can ship anywhere in the US and around the world.

white cedar logs


We have hand-selected the true essence of the Great North Woods – large, long and straight logs destined to be part of your family’s heritage for generations to come.

WCSL just purchased the largest selection of old growth cedar logs in America! Call 218.348.3772 now! Reserve your 2-3 ft. diameter – up to 45 foot long logs.


WCSL produces both 5/4″ and 6/4″ thickness decking with eased edges for totally maintenance-free beauty. Eastern white cedar decking is, indeed, the wood of choice for barefoot summer enjoyment. Use it for the farmhouse porch, a lodge in the Rockies, a cottage on Nantucket, or in your backyard in Joliet.

white cedar firewood


White Cedar is the next best thing to a resin soaked pine knot for starting wood fires and makes for a great natural kindling source.

The cedar kindling will light easily and provide a hot fire to ignite the rest of your wood. The porous wood is lightweight and the oils create a hot, fast burning fire. Overall, if you have access to cedar you’re fortunate enough to have some excellent kindling!