The Process: How Do I Do It?

  • White Cedar is naturally grown in the North in cooler climates.
  • White Cedar Shingles and Lumber is located in the heart of the Northland and is surrounded by acres of White Cedar forests.
  • Our mill is located on a pier in Lake Superior in the city of Duluth, Minnesota.
  • We use auxiliary mills in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota and Big Fork, Minnesota
  • Our trucks load the logs in the woods, and bring them to the mill. Our logs are hauled by JBT Company, a company owned by the owner of WCSL, Hobart Finn, for twenty years. "JBT" stands for "Julie's Big Trucks" - the company is named for Hobart's sweetheart.
  • At White Cedar Shingles & Lumber, we know our logger's personally, and we have built longstanding relationships of trust and respect for their forests and their land.
  • Shingle sawing is a highly skilled task, requiring an apprenticeship of five years to attain proficiency
  • White Cedar Shingles & Lumber uses the same saws that were traditionally used 80 years ago, only ours runs on electricity, not steam or gas.