Eastern White Cedar Shingles

ALL A Grade Shingles are now kiln dried at no extra cost! We select the best face with most knots smaller than a pencil eraser!

B Grade Shingles do allow green tight knots throughout the shingle.

We are the largest producer in the nation manufacturing:
16" Shingles/Shakes with 3/8" Butt
18" Shingles/Shakes with 1/2" Butt
24" Shingles/Shakes with 3/4" Butt
We R&R (Rebutt and ReSquare) all shingles we make
We can make any shingle you can think of!

At White Cedar Shingles, we sell shingles by the square. A square = 4 bundles of shingles (A square covers a 10' x 10' [100 square feet] area when exposing 5" of the shingle butt)

From FSC certified sustainable harvest forests in Northern Minnesota.